Holiday Pest Humour At Its Best

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Holiday pest humour is the best 😀

Happy Holiday season everybody! May it be mice-free!


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Mice Control is More than Just Extermination

Here at Advantage Pest Control we are proud to offer our customers integrated pest management. For mice control specifically, treatment in the form of putting down bait stations and other extermination methods is only one aspect of our service. Our mice specialists offer a thorough inspection of the property being serviced along with recommendations based on the inspection on how to proactively prevent future infestations. One example of this is locating potential rodent entry points and making the appropriate recommendations on how to seal or cover such holes and openings.

Just the other day, one of our technicians serviced a home for mice with two very attractive rodent entry points.

Mice Entry Point: Cold Cellar Vent
Mice Entry Point: Vent for a cold cellar
Mice Entry Point: Dryer Vent
Mice Entry Point: Vent for a dryer

As pictured above, vents are definite easy entry points for both mice and rats. Rodents simply crawl through them and get inside your house. Dryer lint is especially attractive as well, as it is wonderful material for creating nests. In this particular case, our technician found droppings in both of these locations.

Therefore, when choosing a pest control company for your mice control needs, make sure you pick a company that offers more than just extermination services. Here at Advantage Pest Control Inc., we are proud to offer all encompassing services that not only help you to treat your mice issue at the present moment, but also offer you personalized recommendations for proactive preventative maintenance. This integrated approach along with our wealth of knowledge and experience makes our services truly unique.

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Even if you do not currently have a mouse issue, our leading rodent control specialists are more than happy to provide you with a home inspection to help mouse-proof your home for the winter. As all pest industry professionals know, mice season is upon us and the best pest control is pest prevention.

Mice normally live outdoors during the warmer months and gradually move indoors as the weather gets colder. So if you are a home-owner in the Greater Toronto Area, an inspection is highly recommended, especially this time of year.

Business and commercial property owners, we are happy to service you as well!

For you we provide FREE inspections!

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Mice Toronto – A Division of Advantage Pest Control Inc. © 2014

Mice in Toronto

For Toronto residents, mice control is a primary concern. Mice can cause structural damage, fire hazards and health concerns. There are various methods for elimination of mice and prevention of mice infestations. At Advantage Pest Control Inc. we utilize Integrated Pest Management procedures to access, treat and prevent mice infestations.

To identify a mouse infestation we recommend checking for specific indications including droppings, gnaw marks, and sounds and orders. Droppings are a very common sign of mice infestations. A mouse can drop between 50 and 75 droppings per day! These are usually dark coloured pellets that are about 1/4 inch in length. Mouse droppings can often be found along runways, and near food sources. Gnaw marks can be found on almost any surfaces. Mice like to gnaw on wires, plastic, wood, cereal boxes and bags. Gnaw holes are usually about 1/2 inch in diameter and have “chew marks”. A strong musty odour could be indicative of a mice infestation. Sounds that might be heard include scratching, running and chewing.

The next step is to determine the size and type of infestation. The size of infestation depends on the number of droppings seen in a given time period. Fresh droppings are dark in colour but after 3 days the colour fades. One good way to test the size of the infestation is to clean up the droppings and check to see when and how many new droppings appear. The type of infestation also depends on the nature of the droppings. House mice will deposit between 50 and 75 pellets daily, of about the size of 1/4 inch. Rats droppings are considerably larger between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch and of less frequency (40 to 50 daily).

Advantage Pest Control Inc. offers several options for eliminating mice from your Toronto home or business. We offer several services that feature bait, traps as well as mice-proofing suggestions. Call us at 416-840-4040 to find out more about our services or visit Mice Toronto. We also offer a full line of mice control products.