Toronto’s Transit Construction Displacing More Rats

City Construction Displaces Rats

You may have recently heard in the news how city construction has been displacing many rats from their long-established burrows, forcing them to look for new places to live and establish as their territories. This means greater infestation risk for downtown businesses and homes especially as the weather gets colder and rats become more desperate to find warm places to stay.

This is not a new issue for Toronto or other big cities where expansion and construction is commonplace and ongoing, nor is this exclusive to Toronto’s downtown Union station renovation. In fact, the building of Metrolinx’s new Eglinton Crosstown light rail line is also causing significant movement in rodent colonies in the city. We are seeing an increase in movement along Eglinton Avenue of course, but also extending north all the way up to Lawrence Avenue and York Mills Road, as well as extending south to St. Clair Avenue, Bloor Street, College Street and even Queen Street. Rats are very persistent and easily travel far from their nest in order to find food, so seeing rats travelling far to find shelter does not come as a surprise. This is not something to be taken lightly. Rats are not an easy pest to manage and in the city of Toronto, there is definitely no shortage of rats at any time, without the extra movement occurring due to large construction projects.

As the winter season fast approaches and temperatures continue to drop, this will be even more evident as these numerous rats move indoors in order to survive.

So as a home or commercial property owner, what can you do to help prevent these pests from getting inside in the first place?

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