Common Wildlife (Rats, Raccoons and Squirrels) Problems in the Greater Toronto Area


Raccoon and wildlife populations in Toronto and surrounding communities have continued to expand. This presents several problems for home owners in the Greater Toronto area.

The most common wildlife problems in the Toronto area are rats, raccoons and squirrels. The most common place of wildlife infestation is the attic. As rodents, rats and squirrels can fit through spaces much smaller than their bodies. They are also very good climbers. Raccoons are also good climbers.

Infestation in the attic can be a serious problem due to damage caused by the wildlife and the animals attracting further infestations of pests such as flies, mice, as well as future wildlife infestations. Raccoons, rats and squirrels gnaw, chew and tear through many materials. They will attack the contents and structure of the attic and roof. Rats and squirrels also sometimes chew through electrical wiring which can cause problems such as power outages and fire hazards.

To get rid of wildlife, we advise a wildlife expert. By hiring a professional you will be saving time and preventing further damage or injury to your home and family. Our trained staff offer a variety of wildlife options including trapping, relocation, deterrents, eviction fluid, one way doors and wildlife proofing of your home. Call us today to receive a quote 1-877-504- 2847

Relocating Baby Racoons

Yesterday we received a call about some baby racoons that had made their home at a customers residence. Our technician took these pictures before these little guys were relocated to a new home.  Raccoons can be a troublesome pest for homeowners as they can be frightening and cause significant damage. Raccoons should be dealt with by a professional who will have the tools to safely remove and relocate both the adults and babies. For service inquiries please call us at 416-840-4040 or 1-877-504-BUGS!