The Christmas Mouse

For everyone celebrating, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Advantage Pest Control team!

Here’s a little something festive we found!

Christmas Rodent
Christmas Rodent

 The Christmas Mouse (Song by Erick Traplin)

One early Christmas Eve, before Santa came,
A mouse snuck out of his little hole and licked a candy cane.

Before he could escape, he heard the sound of little hooves,
It was Santa’s little reindeer, prancing on the roof.

Down the chimney Santa came and stood before the mouse,
And asked him if he was the owner of the house.

The mouse was very pleased and held himself up tall,
Said, “I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.”

And I scurry “round by night, looking for a bite,
A little scrap of food, to take home to my wife,

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Well, Santa laughed so hard, a tear fell from his eye,
To see a mouse so proud, and not the least bit shy.

He said I can’t recall, meeting one so brave and small,
As the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Santa wiped a joyful tear from his twinkling eye,
Then Santa asked the mouse, with what he could supply.

A fire truck, a tricycle, or a big red ball,
Anything at all for the mouse inside the wall.

Oh, it would be so nice, if I could have a slice,
A little piece of pie, to take home to my wife.

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all.
Said the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Santa reached inside his pack, brought out a pie so small,
That it would even fit, within the mouse’s tiny paw.

And every time you took a bite, it came back to its all,
And gave it to the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Then Santa quickly filled the stockings hanging in a row,
And with a merry Christmas, up the chimney he did go.

The mouse then sang a song, as he ran off down the hall.
Sang, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall

And I scurry ’round by night, looking for a bite,
A little scrap of food, to take home to my wife,

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all.
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall

Copyright 1993 by Erick Traplin. All rights reserved.


Now of course that’s sweet in a Christmas song, but no one wants to celebrate Christmas with a mouse in their house!

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Holiday Pest Humour At Its Best

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Holiday pest humour is the best 😀

Happy Holiday season everybody! May it be mice-free!


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Mice in Toronto

For Toronto residents, mice control is a primary concern. Mice can cause structural damage, fire hazards and health concerns. There are various methods for elimination of mice and prevention of mice infestations. At Advantage Pest Control Inc. we utilize Integrated Pest Management procedures to access, treat and prevent mice infestations.

To identify a mouse infestation we recommend checking for specific indications including droppings, gnaw marks, and sounds and orders. Droppings are a very common sign of mice infestations. A mouse can drop between 50 and 75 droppings per day! These are usually dark coloured pellets that are about 1/4 inch in length. Mouse droppings can often be found along runways, and near food sources. Gnaw marks can be found on almost any surfaces. Mice like to gnaw on wires, plastic, wood, cereal boxes and bags. Gnaw holes are usually about 1/2 inch in diameter and have “chew marks”. A strong musty odour could be indicative of a mice infestation. Sounds that might be heard include scratching, running and chewing.

The next step is to determine the size and type of infestation. The size of infestation depends on the number of droppings seen in a given time period. Fresh droppings are dark in colour but after 3 days the colour fades. One good way to test the size of the infestation is to clean up the droppings and check to see when and how many new droppings appear. The type of infestation also depends on the nature of the droppings. House mice will deposit between 50 and 75 pellets daily, of about the size of 1/4 inch. Rats droppings are considerably larger between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch and of less frequency (40 to 50 daily).

Advantage Pest Control Inc. offers several options for eliminating mice from your Toronto home or business. We offer several services that feature bait, traps as well as mice-proofing suggestions. Call us at 416-840-4040 to find out more about our services or visit Mice Toronto. We also offer a full line of mice control products.

Yearly Mouse Problem?

Scratch, scratch, scratch and Angie groans. It’s that time of year again. Angie spends all winter trying to prevent mice. Despite her efforts, somehow in the spring that’s when it all happens for her. She used to ignore the scratching, thinking it was just her imagination but eventually that chain of events would follow – holes in food packaging and garbage, droppings and then finally… the sighting. The mouse would sort of tilt its head as Angie would briefly stare at it before launching into hysterics making her husband and son jump up from the couch and hurry to the kitchen. It was after that first encounter that we met Angie. She called our mouse specialist and wanted to have service the next morning. Ever since then every time Angie hears a scratch, we are treating mice for Angie. Some years, Angie gets lucky and doesn’t have any mice but other years they come in from the outside (they can fit through a hole the size of a dime!) and we are called back several times. Either way, we are here when Angie has a mouse or any other pest problem. Thanks for your continued support Angie!

Question Of The Day: If a mouse dies in my house, will it smell?

Traditionally yes, if a mouse dies from old age in your house there will be an odour as there is with all dead mammals.

Mice Toronto
A mouse in your house could cause high stress for the members of your family.

However, if treated by a professional company using professional bait the odour will be limited. Bait, or poison used by pest services technicians contains an anti-coagulant substance that after the mouse or rat dies causes their fluids to drain out leaving the body dry. This greatly helps to limit and minimize any odours normally caused by natural decay. Most customers do not experience any odours, especially if an infestation is small and there aren’t many mice or rats accumulating within a single area. Being concerned over odours in your home is a natural thing, but when done correctly Pest Control for rodents can be easy and odour free.

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