The Christmas Mouse

For everyone celebrating, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Advantage Pest Control team!

Here’s a little something festive we found!

Christmas Rodent
Christmas Rodent

 The Christmas Mouse (Song by Erick Traplin)

One early Christmas Eve, before Santa came,
A mouse snuck out of his little hole and licked a candy cane.

Before he could escape, he heard the sound of little hooves,
It was Santa’s little reindeer, prancing on the roof.

Down the chimney Santa came and stood before the mouse,
And asked him if he was the owner of the house.

The mouse was very pleased and held himself up tall,
Said, “I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.”

And I scurry “round by night, looking for a bite,
A little scrap of food, to take home to my wife,

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Well, Santa laughed so hard, a tear fell from his eye,
To see a mouse so proud, and not the least bit shy.

He said I can’t recall, meeting one so brave and small,
As the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Santa wiped a joyful tear from his twinkling eye,
Then Santa asked the mouse, with what he could supply.

A fire truck, a tricycle, or a big red ball,
Anything at all for the mouse inside the wall.

Oh, it would be so nice, if I could have a slice,
A little piece of pie, to take home to my wife.

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all.
Said the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Santa reached inside his pack, brought out a pie so small,
That it would even fit, within the mouse’s tiny paw.

And every time you took a bite, it came back to its all,
And gave it to the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.

Then Santa quickly filled the stockings hanging in a row,
And with a merry Christmas, up the chimney he did go.

The mouse then sang a song, as he ran off down the hall.
Sang, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall

And I scurry ’round by night, looking for a bite,
A little scrap of food, to take home to my wife,

Who lives with me inside the wall, with my children all.
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall.
Oh, I am the little mouse, who lives inside the wall

Copyright 1993 by Erick Traplin. All rights reserved.


Now of course that’s sweet in a Christmas song, but no one wants to celebrate Christmas with a mouse in their house!

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Holiday Pest Humour At Its Best

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Holiday pest humour is the best 😀

Happy Holiday season everybody! May it be mice-free!


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Mice Control is More than Just Extermination

Here at Advantage Pest Control we are proud to offer our customers integrated pest management. For mice control specifically, treatment in the form of putting down bait stations and other extermination methods is only one aspect of our service. Our mice specialists offer a thorough inspection of the property being serviced along with recommendations based on the inspection on how to proactively prevent future infestations. One example of this is locating potential rodent entry points and making the appropriate recommendations on how to seal or cover such holes and openings.

Just the other day, one of our technicians serviced a home for mice with two very attractive rodent entry points.

Mice Entry Point: Cold Cellar Vent
Mice Entry Point: Vent for a cold cellar
Mice Entry Point: Dryer Vent
Mice Entry Point: Vent for a dryer

As pictured above, vents are definite easy entry points for both mice and rats. Rodents simply crawl through them and get inside your house. Dryer lint is especially attractive as well, as it is wonderful material for creating nests. In this particular case, our technician found droppings in both of these locations.

Therefore, when choosing a pest control company for your mice control needs, make sure you pick a company that offers more than just extermination services. Here at Advantage Pest Control Inc., we are proud to offer all encompassing services that not only help you to treat your mice issue at the present moment, but also offer you personalized recommendations for proactive preventative maintenance. This integrated approach along with our wealth of knowledge and experience makes our services truly unique.

So give us a call and speak to a mice control specialist today: 416-840-4040

Even if you do not currently have a mouse issue, our leading rodent control specialists are more than happy to provide you with a home inspection to help mouse-proof your home for the winter. As all pest industry professionals know, mice season is upon us and the best pest control is pest prevention.

Mice normally live outdoors during the warmer months and gradually move indoors as the weather gets colder. So if you are a home-owner in the Greater Toronto Area, an inspection is highly recommended, especially this time of year.

Business and commercial property owners, we are happy to service you as well!

For you we provide FREE inspections!

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How to Prevent Rats from Getting Inside Your Home and Business Buildings

Toronto’s Transit Construction Displacing More Rats, Part 2

Rat in garbage bag

As a home or commercial property owner, what can you do to help prevent rats from getting inside?

Firstly, rodent-proof your home:

  • Eliminate easy entry points by patching up any holes and covering any openings in and around your house and/or building. Rats can enter through a hole as small as the size of a quarter. Remember to take care of door thresholds as well as vents. Use heavy gauge wire mesh for vents and metal sheeting for holes. (Rats can chew through materials as tough as concrete if an established food source has been found.)

Secondly, eliminate potential food sources & nesting places:

  • Store garbage in tightly sealed containers and secure compost bins.
  • As much as possible, eliminate items on the property (including inside garages) that could act as hiding and nesting places (e.g. piles of wood, old tires, boxes filled with old clothes, etc.)
  • Eliminate easily accessible food sources (e.g. pet food left in the garage, fruit fallen from trees, grass seed, etc.)
  • Clean bird feeders, bird baths and surrounding areas often.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen. Do not leave food out in the open. Store dry food (including pet food) in glass or metal containers that seal tightly.

Additionally, keep an eye out for signs of rats on your property including:

  • Chewed or gnawed food, food packaging and other materials
  • Capsule-shaped droppings and urine
  • Burrows (holes) in and around foundation walls

Your best bet in preventing a rat infestation more successfully however is to receive an inspection from a professional who can offer personalized recommendations.

Advantage Pest Control Inc. is happy to service you with such an inspection from one of our leading rodent control specialists. We provide FREE inspections for commercial properties.

Most importantly, if you suspect your property has rats, be proactive and hire a professional company sooner rather than later to tackle the issue. Rats breed quickly and do not go away easily. In fact, by the time most property owners realize they have a rat issue they already have a serious rat infestation. Rats do not typically run around during the day when they are in plain sight.

Recent changes to the Ministry of Environment guidelines for rodenticide use by the public have also made it even more difficult to eliminate rats on your own. For safety reasons, effective rodent control products that were previously available to the public are now only accessible to licensed professionals. Therefore, receiving rat control service from a licensed professional is highly recommended.

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Toronto’s Transit Construction Displacing More Rats

City Construction Displaces Rats

You may have recently heard in the news how city construction has been displacing many rats from their long-established burrows, forcing them to look for new places to live and establish as their territories. This means greater infestation risk for downtown businesses and homes especially as the weather gets colder and rats become more desperate to find warm places to stay.

This is not a new issue for Toronto or other big cities where expansion and construction is commonplace and ongoing, nor is this exclusive to Toronto’s downtown Union station renovation. In fact, the building of Metrolinx’s new Eglinton Crosstown light rail line is also causing significant movement in rodent colonies in the city. We are seeing an increase in movement along Eglinton Avenue of course, but also extending north all the way up to Lawrence Avenue and York Mills Road, as well as extending south to St. Clair Avenue, Bloor Street, College Street and even Queen Street. Rats are very persistent and easily travel far from their nest in order to find food, so seeing rats travelling far to find shelter does not come as a surprise. This is not something to be taken lightly. Rats are not an easy pest to manage and in the city of Toronto, there is definitely no shortage of rats at any time, without the extra movement occurring due to large construction projects.

As the winter season fast approaches and temperatures continue to drop, this will be even more evident as these numerous rats move indoors in order to survive.

So as a home or commercial property owner, what can you do to help prevent these pests from getting inside in the first place?

Come back tomorrow to read our rat prevention tips!

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Norway Rats in Toronto

Unfortunately when pest control problems are left unregulated and untreated, they quickly develop into severe problems. We have been doing a call in Toronto which has severe rat infestation. The rats have been chewing holes in the walls and damaging the contents of the location. This call is using an integrated pest management program for rats which includes bait, trapping and exclusion methods. Below are some images from that call. The rats are Norway rats. The first image is of an adult and a young adult. The second image is a pregnant female.

Rats Toronto Norway
Pregnant Norway Rat From Call In Toronto
Norways Rats Toronto
Two adult Norway rats from a call in Toronto

Rats In Toronto

Rats In Toronto

Preventing Mice and Rat Infestations


It has become an increasing concern that rodents (mice and rats) are entering homes across the Peel region (including Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville). A thorough inspection around your home should be performed and any holes sealed to prevent entry. Other points of entry can be broken evestroughs and via attached garages.


Mice Toronto
A family of mice can spread quickly inside your home.

Exclusion is the primary technique to preventing and controlling mice infestations. The homeowner should eliminate areas of harborouge and food sources. Garbage and food remnants should be in sealed plastic containers to avoid creating a food source to feed mice.


Where exclusion has proved to not be enough to prevent mice or rat infestations it may be necessary to provide service to the interior of the home. We have treated many homes in Markham and Toronto for pest control for rodents. It may also be necessary to treat the garage if this is deemed a potential entry point for the rodents.

For more information please visit Mice Toronto and Rats Toronto

Mice in Toronto

For Toronto residents, mice control is a primary concern. Mice can cause structural damage, fire hazards and health concerns. There are various methods for elimination of mice and prevention of mice infestations. At Advantage Pest Control Inc. we utilize Integrated Pest Management procedures to access, treat and prevent mice infestations.

To identify a mouse infestation we recommend checking for specific indications including droppings, gnaw marks, and sounds and orders. Droppings are a very common sign of mice infestations. A mouse can drop between 50 and 75 droppings per day! These are usually dark coloured pellets that are about 1/4 inch in length. Mouse droppings can often be found along runways, and near food sources. Gnaw marks can be found on almost any surfaces. Mice like to gnaw on wires, plastic, wood, cereal boxes and bags. Gnaw holes are usually about 1/2 inch in diameter and have “chew marks”. A strong musty odour could be indicative of a mice infestation. Sounds that might be heard include scratching, running and chewing.

The next step is to determine the size and type of infestation. The size of infestation depends on the number of droppings seen in a given time period. Fresh droppings are dark in colour but after 3 days the colour fades. One good way to test the size of the infestation is to clean up the droppings and check to see when and how many new droppings appear. The type of infestation also depends on the nature of the droppings. House mice will deposit between 50 and 75 pellets daily, of about the size of 1/4 inch. Rats droppings are considerably larger between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch and of less frequency (40 to 50 daily).

Advantage Pest Control Inc. offers several options for eliminating mice from your Toronto home or business. We offer several services that feature bait, traps as well as mice-proofing suggestions. Call us at 416-840-4040 to find out more about our services or visit Mice Toronto. We also offer a full line of mice control products.

Winter Pest Control – Preventing Mice Infestation

Now that it’s getting colder and the nights are getting longer mice are looking for a nice warm place to nest and make their home; guess whose home that may be? Yes you guessed it, your home. How can you prevent this? Well there are ways to prevent this from happing or at least eradicate the problem before it begins.  You have the option of baiting which is usually one of the fastest and the best ways to eliminate a rodent infestation. There are other methods used to catch rodents such as snap traps glue boards and live traps for those who do not feel comfortable with poison in their home. I say chase them out before they chase you out!

Now that the season is changing and the time is getting colder, it means customers are calling in for mice problems.  The winter season is when mice are looking for soft materials to nest in, warmth, food and water.  Your home or restaurant can provide all of these things.  So this explains why mice are now invading your homes and place of business.  To add to the list of reasons for mice invasions is the fact that construction where fields are being dug up disrupting the original nesting place for rodents, this forces them to find a new nesting place, your home.   So if you see a mouse, chances are the problem is bigger than the one you are seeing.  It’s more than likely you have a family of mice living in your home. If you suspect mice are living in your home by evidence of droppings, gnaw marks, urine odours, sounds of scratching or unusual sounds, I would recommend to first call ADVANTAGE PEST CONTROL to do a complete inspection and treat your home to control the mice.  The licensed technicians will inspect the exterior of the home for points of entry, inspect the interior of the home for mice activity and provide a service to eliminate the mice problem.  If you are a do it yourself kind of person, we have many products to purchase from our show room.  Products such as snap traps, glue boards, and bait to also help eliminate your rodent problems.