Cryonite Treatment – New Way To Fight In War On Bedbugs

This is a new treatment option for bedbugs featuring CRYONITE.

Using the newest technology for getting rid of bed bugs and without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals, Cryonite kills bedbugs (including their eggs and larvae) and other insects by freezing them with carbon dioxide or “dry ice”. “The snow”, carbon dioxide, can penetrate deep into cracks and crevices, inside long pipes and even complicated home equipment. Cryonite treats many surfaces safely and effectively.

Cryonite can be used in traditionally hard-to-treat locations such as hospitals, hotels, dormitories, food processing facilities and offices. The room (or space treated) can also be immediately re-occupied. No waiting for hours to get back into your home.



Carbon dioxide snow (“dry ice” snow) is very cold, -78�C (-108�F). And, thus, the method kills bugs by rapid freezing. The Cryonite effect – the rapid freezing – is dependent on a certain mix of particle sizes and speeds. There are several phases in the cooling process. Each phase has a combination of a particle size and a particle speed, optimized for attaining the cooling rate maximum. One of the most crusial parts of the freezing is the speed. For the efficient energy transfer, the snow-particles need significant contact with the target (bug or surface). A higher speed allows for a good, contact-making impact on the target. The speed is also helps the snow penetrate deep into thin cracks and crevices. Speed propels them through long pipes, equipment, cracks and crevices and other hard-to-treat areas.

Cryonite is a new pest control technology with great potential. It has been used extensively in Europe, Australia and the United States with proven results. Cryonite is unique because it’s not only effective in killing pests, it’s environmentally-safe, 100% organic and hygienic. ” No resistance build-up as with pesticides – will remain effective i.e. Cryonite kills bugs resistant to pesticides

Advantages Of Cryonite


  • Completely safe and non-toxic!
  • Treatment is completely dry and residue free.
  • No residue, tenants and guests can return to their suites immediately after treatment
  • Can be used in any building whether residential or commercial, including surfaces used in food preparation.
  • ” There’s no need to stop your production line, any critical problems can be dealt with swiftly
  • Can be used in electrical outlets where insects like to hide. Unlike traditional spray or steam treatments.
  • Perfect for treating sensitive environments. It is safe and non-toxic

There are many reasons to choose this non-toxic, pesticide free method of eliminating bed bugs. It is convenient and cost-effective, and its a “green” alternative to pesticides. Cryonite is an effective tool when used alone or in conjunction with conventional crack and crevice treatments. Give us a call today for a free quotation 416-840-4040