Winter Ants Inside Your Home or Business Office

Carpenter Ants

Are you asking yourself “It’s winter, why am I seeing ants inside my house?”

It’s often mistakenly believed that if you’ve found ants inside during the winter it must mean they have come in to find shelter from the cold. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you have ants inside your home or business this time of year, it undoubtedly means an ant colony has already established a nest inside your home or business building, usually somewhere inside the walls. The ones that are outside are in hibernation. In the spring and summer months it is possible to see ants who have a nest outside venture inside looking for sources of food. In the winter, however, this is definitely not the case. Since most houses and buildings are temperature controlled, ant colonies established inside the structure of a building do not hibernate. Thus, they need to continue looking for food somewhere, so they come inside if they have not done so already. Another reason you are seeing ants suddenly appearing now is because the humidity in your house has decreased and the ants are looking for moisture. All the heat that is being pumped throughout your home’s central heating system or from space heaters causes the air to become very dry and ants cannot survive well in that environment in the walls. Therefore they come out looking for sources of moisture and that’s when many homeowners see the little critters. This is why in the winter you will usually find ants near a bathtub or bathroom sink, in the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, and other areas where there is running water inside your home or business building. Especially for very cold days such as those Toronto and surrounding cities in Ontario have been having recently, this is quite common.

So if you’ve seen ants inside, please do not ignore the problem! It’s best to treat the issue as soon as you find out, before the infestation gets worse. With ants, if they are not managed, they just continue to grow their colonies and exponential damage will happen to the structure of your home. Also, it is important for the queen to be eliminated; otherwise the problem will not be resolved. If left untreated, some individuals may have multiple colonies with multiple queen ants established inside their homes or office buildings. This makes it much more difficult to eliminate an infestation. That is why going with professional service is so beneficial. Not only do licensed technicians use much more potent products than those available to the public, but highly qualified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide the most effective and efficient treatment. Although not all exterminators out there are equal, we here at Advantage Pest Control Inc. are committed to offering you the best service possible with our highly skilled and experienced pest control specialists. We also offer a 1 year guarantee when we service you for ants, so if you need additional service within 1 year of your treatment, we service you at no additional charge.

So do call us at 416-297-8010 or email us at if you need any pest control services! Specialists are available to speak to you every day between 8am and 8pm!

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Toronto’s Worst Pest Control Problems: Bed Bugs and Carpenter Ants

Toronto’s Worst Pest Control Problems: Bed Bugs and Carpenter Ants

As a major urban center Toronto has its share of pest problems. In this article we investigate two of the cities worst problems: bed bugs and carpenter ants. We provide tips for both prevention and treatment of bed bug and carpenter ant infestations.

Advantage Pest Control does offer treatment options for Toronto and other GTA regions. We have both bed bug specialists and carpenter ant specialists on staff. Please visit the link above or give us a call at 416-840-4040.

Bed Bugs in Toronto

Bed bugs can be a difficult pest to deal with and a difficult pest to get rid of. It is often hard to determine how an infestation was caused. One of our most frequent questions is “how did I get bed bugs?” Usually, however, it is one of three reasons: travelling, overnight guests, or used furniture.

How To Treat Bed Bugs

There are several options to treating bed bugs depending on factors such as time, money and labour. The most effective treatment is heat remediation for bed bugs. This is a professional service that is very labour intensive. Other professional services include steam, insecticide spray and dusting options. There are also several bed bug monitors that can be helpful in determining the presence and severity of a bed bug infestation.

A great preventative method and control method for bed bugs is mattress covers. Make sure that you purchase your mattress cover from a reputable pest control company and that the cover has been tested and proven to be bed bug proof. A bed bug proof mattress cover should be a zippered cover for your mattress. Make sure to also get box spring and pillow covers to provide ultimate bed bug protection. Bed bugs like to hide in any crack or crevice that they can find and mattress, box springs and pillows provide many harbourage areas for bed bugs to live in.

Other do it yourself options are available when a homeowner purchases reliable bed bug products. These include domestic-label insecticides, aerosols and powders including diatomaceous earth.

To summarize the best options for killing bed bugs are:

Steps in a bed bug elimination, as in any integrated pest control program, are as follows:

  1. Identification – this can be achieved through a bed bug inspection or through passive bed bug monitors.
  2. Treatment
    1. Professional Pest Control Treatments such as heat remediation, steam, spray or dusting programs.
    2. Do it yourself bed bug products such as aerosols, insecticide sprays or powders.
    3. Prevention: the best methods of prevention are bed bug proof mattress covers and bed bug monitors such as the bed bug defender. We also have a travel kit for bed bugs available, give us a call for more information.

Carpenter Ants in Toronto

Carpenter ants are a wood boring insect, which means they like to live inside wood. This can be problematic for homeowners as the structure of a house has many wooden elements. Of primary concern are foundations, roofs, decks and other wooden structures. Carpenter ants are a natural insect in the outdoors. In North America they are very common and found in most backyards. They are an important part of the ecosystem and are only a problem when start to invade structures instead of decaying and decomposing trees.

How To Treat Carpenter Ants

The best option for treating carpenter ants is an integrated method. Our professional carpenter ant specialists recommend a bait and spray treatment program. This program utilizes both carpenter ant attractive bait and a residual spray to provide maximum results in carpenter ant control. Here’s why:

  • Carpenter ants are social insects, which means that when they meet each other and pass food to each other they pass along the insecticide which they ingest when they groom themselves.
  • The bait can be carried back to the queen which is the best method to kill carpenter ants. Once the queen is eliminated, the ant colony cannot survive.
  • Residual sprays keep on killing even after they are dry which takes care of any “stragglers”.

Carpenter ants can be really difficult to treat on your own. Our specialists know about the life cycle and life ways of carpenter ants. They have been specially trained at eliminating carpenter ants from both residential and commercial properties.

Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Workshop for Carpenter Ants – EiEi Home Blog

Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Workshop for Carpenter Ants – EiEi Home Blog.


Our carpenter ant specialist, Paolo Bossio speaks with Lisa Evan regarding prevention and treatment of carpenter ants. Also known as “flying ants” and “big black ants”, carpenter ants can be a nightmare for homeowners especially during the spring while they try to establish new nests.


We offer integrated pest management approaches to carpenter ant control. Our licensed technicians always use the best products and we offer the most comprehensive guarantees to get rid of carpenter ants with our professional services. We also carry do it yourself products for carpenter ants. Give us a call today at 416-840-4040 or visit Pest Control Toronto.

Ants – The All-Season Pest – Tips For How To Get Rid Of Ants

Ants can be difficult to get rid of once they have found their way into your home.  Spring is the season when ants come out and start their food preparation for the fall. However, ants invading homes is a year round issue.  The problem seems to worsen during the winter months.  Cold temperatures drive the ants to seek more accommodating environments.  Unfortunately, ants choose to spend their winters in the same place that people do, indoors.


How To Get Rid Of Ants?

Generally people tend to take action to get rid of the ant problems by what is advertised on websites and television commercials which promotes products like Raid and other sprays which often times will repel insects to other areas of the house while killing only few.  If you are the type to do it yourself, the best thing is to find what is attracting the ants in the home and to get rid of the item such as spills, crumbs, foods or drinks.  Once clearing up the items that are attracting the ants, use gel baits such as Green Way and stations to start the elimination process.


Products To Get Rid Of Ants

Bait stations are a good idea to use because it avoids any mess. A good residual spray such as Pro Bug X and Pro B1 provide an instant knockdown.  Another product available at our showroom is a residual powder from the Pro brand called Pro Pyro Dust. If you see any ant activity outside near the home, it is a good idea to get some of the granule ant bait and sprinkle outside as well. If you decide to hire professionals, our trained technicians use products like Dragnet sprays and Drax ant bait, just to name a few, which works best against ants.  No matter what you do, be sure to have patience.  Ant colonies are huge.  The hundred that you see now is just a sample of what is hiding at the nest.  Sometimes things will get worse before they get better. 

Recommended Pest Products

We offer several package deals to our customers for Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. These packages include many of our recommended products for pest elimination.

If you have ants we recommend the Ant Elimination Package. This package includes one Diatomaceous Earth Dust, one Pro-Bug X, two Green Way Ant Gel tubes, and six ant cafes or multi-baiters.

If you have bed bugs we recommend the Bed Bug Elimination Package.  This package includes 1 Diatomaceous Earth Dust, 2 Aerosols, 4 Bed Bug Defender Units.

If you have cockroaches we recommend the Cockroach Elimination Package. This package includes Diatomaceous Earth Dust, one Pro-B1, one Aerosol spray and Insect monitors.

If you have mice we recommend the Mice Elimination Package. This package includes 3 bait stations, 2 pkgs of bait, 10 glueboards, and 4 snap traps.

Now if you have multiple pests in your home or you just want to be extra cautious, we have our Total Pest Elimination Package which includes 1 package bait, 2 mouse bait stations, 5 glue boards, 1 Pro Bug X, 1 Aerosol, 200g Diatomaecous Earth, 3 Insect Monitors

We have many other pest products available; check them out at

Ants In Toronto: Three Types of Ants You May Not Know About

It’s approaching summertime, which means here at Advantage we get an influx of calls regarding Carpenter ants. These destructive wood boring pests can cause a great deal of damage to the foundation and nearby structures of the home. These are certainly a primary concern for homeowners in terms of treatment and prevention but the warmer weather means there is also an influx of several other kinds of ants to both the interior and exterior of your home. In this Pest Control Toronto exclusive we take a look at three other types of ants that are affecting our Toronto, Markham, Mississauga and Pickering residents.


Fire Ants


Description: Fire ants are not actually native to Ontario. They are actually a European originating species. They were probably brought in through soil in imported plans from Europe. In Europe Fire ants heart of natural predators such as butterflies and wasps but they do not have those predators here in Ontario. This means that they eliminate other in populations that cannot fight back against them and they tend to take over an area very quickly. These ants are reddish brown in colour usually between 4 and 5 mm. They have a distinctive body with the constricted waist and two segments of the abdomen. The mid body section contains two backward pointing spines.

Scientific Name: Myrmica rubra

Food Sources: Other insects including other ants.            

Behaviours: These ants are very territorially aggressive. Interactions by humans often lead to a stinging sensation. The severity of the sting depends on the individual from a red irritation to a severe allergic reaction.

Major Areas of Infestation: Fire ants like moist environments. They like to make their nests in the root areas of vegetation. The nest themselves are difficult to spot as they do not, as other ants do, have a mound. Often nests are located in logs, soil, tree roots, or under debris. Colonies can contain multiple queens with thousands of individuals.  There may be up to a dozen nests just 10 m². New nests are formed when a Queen leaves the nest with a group of worker ants.

Primary Infestation Locations: Outbreaks have been reported in both Richmond Hill and in Scarborough.

Treatment Methods: It is important to minimise moving soil from infected areas as this will spread the fire ants.  Professional bait and spray treatments are effective in the elimination of fire ants.



Pharaoh Ants

pharaohantsDescription: Pharaoh ants range in colour between yellow and orange. They have three-segmented antenna. Pharaoh ants are extremely small usually around 1.5 mm.

Scientific Name: Monomorium pharaonis

Food Sources: They feed on a variety of domestic foods especially those containing fats. They will also feed on other insects.

Behaviours: Pharaoh Ants can cause damage to homes during nest construction by chewing through installation and putting holes in fabric and rubber goods. They can also inflict a sting to intruders to their nests.

Major Areas of Infestation: They like to build their nests in voids in walls, cabinets, and installation. Pharaoh ants multiply quickly with several colonies expanding out rapidly.  Nests can contain up to 300,000 workers with multiple queens.

Primary Infestation Locations: Pharaoh ants are located across Toronto and the GTA including infestations in Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Thornhill.

Treatment Methods: Pharaoh ants are a very difficult pest to eliminate. They are best treated with a professional grade bait. Baits are the preferred method of treatment for Pharaoh ants. Baits must be placed in specific locations for effective control. It is also recommended that exclusion and sanitation be practised in conjunction with any integrated pest management strategy.


Pavement Ants

Pavement_antDescription: Like fire ants, pavement ants origi  nate from Europe. Pavement ants are dark brown to black in colour and very small (around 3 mm). There are often identifiable by the small sand hills they leave.

Scientific Name: Tetramorium caespitum

Food Sources: They feed on human and pet food. They prefer greasy and sweet foods.

Behaviours: Pavement ants tend to not stray far from their nest, usually the nest is located within 30 m.

Major Areas of Infestation: They tend to nest in concrete areas such as sidewalks pavements and in the foundation of structures.

Primary Infestation Locations: Pavement ants are common in all urban areas of Toronto and the GTA. We have had reports this year for outbreaks in East York, Scarborough and in Downtown Toronto.

Treatment Methods: Both spray and beat treatment methods are effective at eliminating pavement ants.

The Summertime Blues – Pest Control Prevention

This summer several pests are trying to enter your home. Our goal here at Advantage is to keep our customers’ pest free this summer. Allowing you to have a great summer, full of sunshine and fresh air without the bugs!


Carpenter ants are wood boring insects that build their home in wooden structures such as; decks, patios, gazebos, and the foundations and roofs of homes. Colonies can be very large with over 10,000 ants inside. Only about 10% of the nest ever leaves, so often the homeowner has no idea how bad the problem really is. There can often be several satellite nests within one home. Carpenter Ants can be very destructive and cause a lot of damage to the foundation and to the home.


Wasps and hornets often become trapped inside the walls of homes when a nest on the outside is sealed thus trapping the insect inside the walls. The only option for this insect is for it to come out, inside your home. Any wasp or hornet nest should be thoroughly treated, and only once it has been completely eliminated can the hole be sealed up. We often recommend waiting until the end of fall to seal up any wasp nest holes. Wasps will not use the same nest again so once the nest is eliminated so is the problem.


The birds have returned! Sometimes birds think that eves troughs, chimneys, decks or roofs are good places to build homes. Humans sometimes have different ideas. It can be difficult to deal with birds as they may have laid eggs or have babies in those nests. When a nest is already present it is often beneficial to have it taken care of by a professional. There are also several preventative measures that you can take. We carry both bird spikes and sticky repellent to minimise the areas that birds can nest. It is also beneficial to minimise the amount of food that they can access at your home thus making your home unappealing to the birds.


These are just three of the most common pests to afflict our customers in the summer time. As the season draws nearer we encourage all of our customers to help in making the homes less pest friendly. It is also a great time to consider a home protection plan, which allows you access within 24 hours access to a pest control professional for over 15 of the most common household pests.


Give us a call at 416 – 840 – 4040 or at 1 – 877 – 504 – BUGS

Pest Product Spotlight: Pro B1

Pro B1 Home and Apartment Insecticide is one of our top sellers.

Pro B1
Kills A Wide Range Of Flying and Crawling Insects

It provides pest control for a number of crawling and flying insects within the home.The guarantee is Propoxur 1% which is what makes Pro B1 such an effective problem for those creepy crawling pesky pests. What makes Pro B1 different from another general insecticide? Well it is oil based, which means it has the capabilities of greater residual properties. While most insecticides have a residual of 1-2 weeks Pro B1 claims 3-4 weeks. This means less work and less reapplying for you. You save money and time with needing to use less product amount with fewer applications. Pro B1 is approved for both indoor and outdoor use on cracks, crevices, baseboards, door frames, outdoor patios, and along the foundation.

Pro B1 provides rapid kill for: ants, booklice, brown dog ticks, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, firebrats, gnats, millipedes, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, and exposed stages of stored product insects like weevils and beetles.

Pest Product Spotlight: Konk House & Garden Bug Killer

konkhgKonk House & Garden bug killer is a great asset for anyone with a garden. It is water-based and approved for use on your vegetable garden. This means bye-bye vegetable eating insects and hello fresh garden vegetables for you to enjoy. This product is so versatile that it can also be used within the home for a plethora of unwelcome insect guests, including bed bugs. To top it off it is safe to use on your pet, and in your pet’s belongings like bedding for flea control. This means when your dog gets fleas you no longer need to make an appointment and wait in line to take him into the groomers to be dipped. You can treat your pet safely and effectively at home, along with all its belongings so it doesn’t get re-infested from its own bedding. The can has been designed to spray in any position, even upside down so that you can make the most of your treatment and use it exactly where and when you need to use it.

Targeted pests include:

Flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, biting midges, flying moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, crickets, centipedes, carpet beetles, bed bugs, fleas, brown dog ticks, exposed thripes, leaf-hoppers, spotted mites, lacebugs, aphids, caterpillars, climbing cutworms, Japanese beetles, Mexican beetles, mealy bugs, soft brown scale, tent caterpillars, canker worms, and  garden webworms.



Piperonyl Butoxide……………1.25%

Net weight 400g  $24.95