Advantage Pest Control FAQ

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are fully license and bonded within Ontario.

Is your company discrete?

Normally our technicians do wear a uniform shirt or hat to identify themselves to our customers as is the professional standard. That being said our technicians do not have marked vehicles and if requested our technicians can remove their hat or cover their shirts. We are always willing to accommodate your requests so do not hesitate to ask.

What kind of vehicle will your technician arrive in?

Our fleet of technicians are all equipped with unmarked pickup trucks of various colours. This ensures discretion and privacy for our customers.

How soon can I have a technician at my home?

Depending on the season we can have a technician out to you within 24-48 hrs.  We get asked about same day service a lot and if it is available we will offer it but sometimes we are fully booked and no one has rescheduled so it isn’t possible. Please be patient as we try to accommodate everyone.

Do you charge taxes?

Yes, all legitimate businesses are required by law to charge taxes. Just like if you go shopping at the grocery store, you see an item with a price tag and at the register taxes are added.

Is there any prep work that needs to be done before service?

Any preparation would be dependent on the type of pest problem we are coming out to service. When talking to our service department, do not hesitate to ask. They will happily instruct you about any preparations that you need to make if any, for your service to be successfully complete. As a general rule; basic cleaning and de-cluttering is always a good idea when someone is coming into your home to do a service. This ensures anything that needs to be moved like furniture can be moved with little hassle and that there is nothing of value that a service technician can trip over or accidentally step on.

Can I have an exact appointment time?

When a technician is travelling around from customer to customer the time of arrival is dependent upon travel, traffic, and previous customers. Sometimes a job may take longer than expected if an infestation is larger than expected, or if multiple pests are found. This is why a window or block of time is given when you are booking your call. We will as always try to accommodate you and your schedule as much as possible.

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